Magic Tiles

Magic Tiles

Inventive “Magic Tiles” - The heart and soul of the products and experiences!

Here’s what they will do:
  • Create interest and excitement in learners!
  • Bring letters & language characters to life!
  • Enable mixing and matching letters and words at will!
  • Cause excitement in scoring points with better word formations!
  • Energize learners and even teachers!
  • Make language learning/teaching fun, extremely effective & quick!
  • Facilitate rock solid understanding of the concepts of language and script!

Key technical features of the “magic tiles”:

  • Ability to construct virtually every word/syllable in the language, including complex letters (జ్యో/ज्यो (జ్యోతి/ज्योति), త్స్య/त्स्य (మత్స్యము/मत्स्य), స్త్రీ/स्त्री).
  • Ability to move letters & characters quickly, and construct/deconstruct syllables & words at will.
  • Words formed are technically and visually correct even in top-down format (an important criterion for a Scrabble ® -like crossword building game.

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