Hareesh Viriyala

Founder & Director

Chief game designer and content writer, and driving force behind the company. Expert word gamer & uncanny ability with language scripts (can read/write or identify 45+ language scripts worldwide). Has a passion for creative and intelligent word play. Made himself literate in Tamil and Korean in a few hours. B.Tech (IIT Madras), interdisciplinary Masters (US).

Anil Singh

NLP Expert

Natural Language Processing (NLP) expert and key person for software product development. Extensive background in language technologies and software design. Has a passion for writing and language scripts, and for bringing Indian language computing closer to people. PhD (IIIT Hyderabad) and Post Doctorate (CNRS, Paris) in Computational Linguistics. Also had a Professorial stint at Kalinga University, Bhubaneshwar.

Shravan Karpuram


Been a co-founder/senior executive at multiple startups in Networking, Telecom, Health-IT, Bio-IT & Analytics. Advises and consults with many small and medium size companies in BD, Marketing, Operations & HR. Previously worked with CoreCompete, DenuoSource, MwebWare, Tata Business Support Services, Ocimum Biosolutions and Cisco Systems. Harvard University (Executive MBA), University of Florida (MS) and Osmania University (BS in CS&E).

Rajiv Venkatraman


Manufacturing ace and head of Precision Electronic Components, Hyderabad. Thoroughbred interdisciplinary engineer. B.Tech (IIT Madras) and MS (Boston University).

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