Play your way to excellent language skills and super intelligence!

Four ground-breaking products, centered around our inventive magic tiles! Whether you’re looking to teach Telugu to your children/students in a fun and practical way, looking to enjoy creative and intelligent word play with family or friends, or looking for a blazing fast technique to master spelling and script, జోడించు (jodinchu) range of products have something for everyone!

A host of benefits, for both young and old!

  • Learn/teach languages effectively in a practical and fun way!
  • Play a variety of games that build intelligence and provide “challenging entertainment”!
  • Bond with family and friends!
  • Experience happiness! (possibly increase)
  • A fun way to stay connected with your language and culture!

Are you a school teacher, principal or correspondent?

Make language learning and intelligence building more exciting and effective at your school with our Comprehensive Language Lab + Overall Intelligence Building solution.

Browse through the different categories and learn about the host of benefits that our products offer.

Customer Speak

  • I revel in the thinking process involved in maximizing the score by forming words with ottulu, visarga etc as also forming longest words possible.

K.N. Satya Srinivas,
NRI, Oracle Corporation,
Austin, USA

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