enjoYn Life Size Magnetic Tiles

An invaluable tool for English language teachers and learners.

Mix and match tiles at will to create new, interesting and even unexpected word formations, enable learning through discovery, and facilitate a large variety of teaching activities and games! The kinesthetic & tactile ("touch & feel" effects) are magnified here! Especially useful for those who learn best through practical means.



  • Ability to make virtually any word in English.
  • High quality tiles and strong, long-lasting magnets!
  • Packed neatly into a small box for easy to use & longevity.

How is enjoYn different from other English-related products?

  • There are several popular games such as Scrabble®, Boggle® and Jumble®, but they don’t offer the flexibility for teaching large groups.
  • Big size letters are available as teaching tools, but they are limited in their ability to facilitate creative and intelligent word play.
  • There are no magnetic-based teaching tools for large groups by which any word in the English language can be formed.

Product Un-boxing

Customer Speak

  • It's really helped my students. They're understanding better and enjoying making words.

Chelana, Trainer,
Dyslexia Association of Andhra Pradesh (DAAP)

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