“Life Size” Magnetic Tiles

"Life Size" Magnetic Tiles

Create instant interest and excitement in the classroom with our unique vertically mountable large-sized Magnetic Tiles!

Can also be used at home (e.g., on the fridge).



  • Ability to make any akShara/syllable (Even complex ones such as: జ్యో/ज्यो (జ్యోతి/ज्योति), త్స్య/त्स्य (మత్స్యము/मत्स्य), స్త్రీ/स्त्री and virtually any word in Telugu/Hindi.)
  • High quality tiles and strong, long-lasting magnets!
  • Packed neatly into a small box for easy to use & longevity.

Product Un-boxing

Customer Speak

  • I’ve been looking for something like this for years.

Soghra Sohel,
Educational Consultant for children with special needs

Get "Life Size" Magnetic Tiles - తెలుగు (Telugu) for only Rs. 3,400

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