Ultra rapid mastery of script & spelling

Ultra rapid mastery of script & spelling!

Master Telugu script and spelling in JUST 4-5 hours!!!*

Are you serious?! Achieving total control over Telugu script and spelling, and saying goodbye to spelling mistakes in less than a day??!!! It seems impossible!

Well, we’ve made it possible by identifying inherent problems in the script and traditional teaching methods, applying our extensive scientific R&D, and inventing an incredible teaching/learning method!

*Learning speed depends on various factors, including learner’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient), memory power, cultural environment, existing vocabulary, and ability to grasp and process new information.

I have learned in 5 hours what would’ve taken me 5 years."
K. Tamanna, Hyderabad

What are the disadvantages with the existing method?

Among many problems, the two main problems are:

  • Even after spending months (or even a year) in learning the “alphabet”, the learner can’t make basic words used everyday (e.g., నాది, అక్క, చెల్లి, అన్న, తమ్ముడు).
  • There are several letters (ఙ, ఞ, ఘ, ఝ, ఢ, ఱ) that are difficult to remember and pronounce, some with little practical significance. In fact, most grown-ups can’t pronounce these sounds correctly, and make spelling mistakes when using these in words. Making the learner remember these complicated sounds and symbols even before making basic words is an unnecessary burden on the learner.

How does it work?

  • This is essentially a teaching/learning technique, supported by our inventive magic tiles that accelerate the learning process dramatically.
  • We don’t start with అ, ఆ, ఇ, ఈ...(the vowels) and క, ఖ, గ, ఘ...(the consonants) and end up with the typical situation of spending months (or even years) and not being able to make reading/forming everyday words such as నాది, నీది, కాదు, లేదు, అమ్మ, నాన్న (naadi, needi, kaadu, lEdu, amma, nAnna).
  • We don’t bore or confuse learners with difficult or hard-to-pronounce letters and symbols that have little practical significance.
  • We make the learning process ENJOYABLE, PRACTICAL and EXCITING.
  • We use the phonetic nature of the script (one unique symbol per sound) and emphasize correct pronunciation to establish perfect sound-symbol mapping.
  • We teach the logic of syllable and word formation in a practical and easy way that will get imprinted in your mind forever. You will conquer saMyuktaakShars (the most difficult part) within no time, and you will be eagerly looking to form and identify words with complex letters.
  • You will learn concepts and scientific principles of the language and script that are not normally taught in school.

Learning to read and write తెలుగు (Telugu) is actually a piece of cake!

  • Are you a Telugu person who’s feeling odd that you can speak Telugu, but cannot read or write it?
  • Living in Telugu land, wouldn’t it be really helpful and cool if you were able to read Telugu signage and even documents?
  • Have you ever wished there was a magic solution that taught you to read and write Telugu in a few hours?
  • Are you or your child struggling to read & write Telugu properly?

Settle the issue once and for all, that too with fun and play!

You don't need years, months or weeks. Our scientifically developed teaching method will enable you to master Telugu script and spelling in a few hours! It will also make the science and logic of language intuitive and easy to understand, and help you say goodbye to spelling mistakes (in an Indian language) forever.

Program duration and process :

First session : 2.5 hours --> Some homework (2 hours practice) --> Second session (following weekend): 2-2.5 hours.

Program cost :

Rs. 4,000 (includes practice work sheets and magic learning tools). Each batch will not have more than 3 learners, to maximize personal attention and learning efficacy.

Customer Speak

  • I have learned in 5 hours what would’ve taken me 5 years.

K. Tamanna,

Get Ultra rapid mastery of script & spelling for only Rs. 4,000 (Individuals)

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