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Importance of Writing Skills | Importance of Native Language

Why are spelling and writing skills important? Isn’t language just a means of communication?

  • Strong writing skills will lead to more job opportunities.
  • Well-structured writing that is without spelling mistakes is pleasing to the eye.
  • Written communication will become easier and faster.

Good spelling and writing skills are clear indicators of the literacy levels and development of a society. The better people are at spelling and writing, the faster it is to communicate clearly and effectively. Certain fields, such as journalism and academia will remain closed for those with bad writing skills. On the other hand, good spelling and writing skills open doors of opportunity and make an impact on decision makers, especially on someone with good education. The better the communication skills, the greater is the chance of a society transforming into a true knowledge society with high income earnings.

The importance of native language

  • It is scientifically proven that skills learned through the mother tongue can be transferred to other languages and subjects. (Below are links to relevant scientific research and articles).
  • Learning through native language is a natural, easy and effective process.
  • A heightened sense of spelling and writing in one language will have a positive effect on other languages.

Learning through one’s native language is especially relevant in rural India, where more than 70% of the population lives, and where there is little or no “cultural context” for use of English or learning through English. Learning through a language that children understand well, and can relate to well, rather than learning through an alien language (at least in the initial years of education) has significant advantages for all in the education ecosystem (teachers, parents, students, and administrators). Societies such as Germany, Norway, Japan and South Korea have achieved total literacy and have become highly developed and prosperous through effective use of their own languages. The people of India will stand to gain more by strengthening their native languages and developing high-quality content and curriculum in their native languages. While there may be people refuting this view, we’re backing our stance with scientifically conducted research studies and personal experience.

Scientific research and articles on the importance of learning through native languages, and how skills learned in the native language can be transferred to other languages and even other subjects:

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